Friday, April 16, 2010

Second Stage step one

When the representatives have stopped representing.... replace them. Unfortunately, there is a confluence of problems that have never been addressed, that have now become the political equivalent of a 'perfect storm'.
Normally the two political parties would be at loggerheads on most issues most of the time and remain in gridlock, and largely leave the people alone to carry on with their affairs relatively unhindered, and only agree when an issue is so egregious that there is no dissent to the course of action, believe it or not, that IS how the founding Fathers intended it. Ours is a unique form of government that is supposed to be very close to anarchy with the government acting as a referee and stepping in only when someones hard work and performance starts to be based on depriving someone else of the opportunity to compete. It's a free country (at least it used to be) but your rights stop where mine start! You have the right to say what you wish, you do NOT have the right to force me to listen to it. This normal head butting would be effective even more, when the press exercises the Freedom of Speech to call to task the politicians on the unpopular side. The Press and the minority party would keep the majority party in check.
Now we have an unusual situation where the majority party controls both houses of Congress, and the White House, and the Press is beyond sympathetic, in spite of overwhelming evidence that the will of the majority of the American people is against the legislation being pushed through. Responsible journalism would do an analysis of the issues and present both sides in an equal light. What we have seen however is something far more sinister.
It's one thing to embrace the unpopular side of an issue, it's quite another to libelously attack the messenger and try to discredit them rather than address the points being made in open debate. The initial Tea Party movement was vilified and continues to be vilified as racist, homophobic, sexist, rednecks. WOW George Carlin said that being called a commie fag junkie was rough because it's hard to talk someone out of three things at once, try four! Tea Partiers were immediately labeled "tea-baggers" (in itself a homosexual epithet) and dismissed as a bunch of lunatic fringe crackpots. Polls are revealing that the makeup of the tea partiers, tends to be older, more educated, and more affluent than the average. This IS middle America!

**DIGRESSION ALERT************OK, all the hate, vitriol, and disparagement heaped upon Sarah Palin aside, who was the last politician that was so heavily attacked by the media? My immediate guess is Ronald Reagan. Now I'm not saying she's the next Reagan, but I think maybe the political left is afraid she is!**********************************************************

Our own PRESIDENT finally weighed in referring them as "tea baggers....waving their little tea bags around..." so much for mutual respect and legitimate debate of the issues. NOTE: if you argument won't hold up in an open debate, and you KNOW it wont hold up in an open debate, instead of attacking the argument, attack the arguer! This has turned out to be the tried and true tactic of the liberal leftists who have finally seized power in this country.
This brings me to one of the issues that has been neglected far too long. Media outlets have perpetrated character assassinations of 'the messengers' with impunity for far too long. The people in the movement need to start filing libel lawsuits, and defamation of character lawsuits. The precedents of the liberal activist judges that started perverting the meaning of the Constitution from the first Supreme Court will come back to haunt them! There needs to be some accountability in the press to accurately report the truth. The lack of this is why all the newspapers and a couple of the cable news outlets are tanking in the ratings, and many are on the verge of bankruptcy. The public no longer trusts them. They know they have degenerated into nothing more than a propaganda machine for the far left.

******DIGRESSION ALERT******** Many leftists incorrectly identify the far left as Communists and the far right as Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth! The name of Communist Russia was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics, the name of the Nazi party was National SOCIALIST Party! The reason there was such bitter rivalry between them wasn't because they were opposites, it was because they were competing for the same pool of supporters!*********************************************************************

Lets look at the Historical Record, after all I DID say that we would refer to that impartial judge in my introduction. Rahm Emmanuel said quite early on "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"
(Quoted from a Wall Street Journal article, in case you're wondering about the shift in font) WOW! sound familiar? After the Reichstag Fire (27 Feb 1933) Adolf Hitler, the newly elected Chancellor ( used this 'serious crisis to seize power and ultimately become a dictator.Am I saying that our President aspires to be a dictator? No, but I think Reichsmarshall..ooops I mean Chief of Stall Emmanuels words are somewhat unsettling. The Communists accused the Nazis of starting the fire to give them the excuse they needed to seize power. The Nazis claimed the Communists started it, and acted accordingly arresting all the communist leadership in the country including sitting elected members of the Parliament (Reichstag).

*******DIGRESSION ALERT******* Watch some leftist wag accuse me of being a Nazi since I'm quoting examples from their history*******************************************

The Nazis and Communists both shared several tactics, including trying to paint the other side in a bad light (Google "") In this day and age, police can't beat down a black man or unruly students (no, I DON'T approve of that kind of behavior) without a half dozen cellphone videos turning up of the incident, but on the day Obamacare passed, members of the Black Congressional Caucus said they were assailed by racial epithets as they walked down the street. In spite of a $100.000 reward, not ONE video of the event has surfaced. On the other hand there IS videotape of a high ranking Nevada Democratic Committee member throwing eggs at Tea Party busses in Searchlight, Nevada. He also admitted to misdirecting busses before he found out the reporter and cameraman were conservative documentarians, then, after a brief shoving match, they retired to a nearby parking lot to finish the footage where they were accosted by a police officer who said the above mentioned individual reported them as the egg throwers. The video on the camera plainly showed the Democrat with three eggs palmed in one hand, and when confronted with that evidence, the police officer arrested the mob for disorderly conduct, and filing a false report, right? NO, he just left.

So, what is a responsible citizen to do? Pay attention! LISTEN to what the people running for office say, then LOOK at their record (if one exists) of what they have voted for. Listen to what they have said in the past, and what positions they have supported. The Democrats have approved of the construction of more nuclear power plants, but already shut down Yucca Flats, which was supposed to be the new nuclear waste dump site. (Give with one hand, take with the other) How are you going to build a nuclear power plant when you have no idea what you're going to do with spent fuel rods? Early in 2008 Obama said he wouldn't stop anyone from building coal fired electrical generating plants, but anyone who built them couldn't afford to operate them under the cap and trade (cap and tax) scheme. HELLO! Has anyone told you we are the Saudi Arabia of coal? We have the most extensive coal reserves on the planet! Much better we rely on the oil market for our energy needs, after all we get very little of our oil from the Arabs, we get if from the Canadians, Mexicans, and Venezuelans, right? YES based on market prices based on what the rest of the world can buy from the Arabs for!

THEN ACT! Go to the polls and cast your vote for that person that you feel is best suited (or at least less worst suited) for the job. (I confess it sucks to vote for the 'lesser of two evils') HERE'S a thought! YOU run! Even if it's for the school board! The educational system is probably the MOST important political battlefield there is. The leftists have made substantial inroads there already! The educational system is loaded with people who push leftist propaganda into the curriculum of out children! Here's a thought, run for the school board, and slowly work to wean the school board off of Federal funding! But the main idea is to change the existing regime!

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