Friday, April 30, 2010


I've always been taught that coincidences do happen, but not to expect too many of them. If they occur TOO regularly, look around you and see who's been saying what.

"You can't let a good crisis go to waste" - Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff

OK, so two weeks ago, they were all set to bring up 'financial reform' in Congress and the SEC files civil fraud charges against Goldman Sachs to whip the public up into an anti-banking industry frenzy (see my random thoughts thread for more on this, as this is only the surface motive). So WHAT was supposed to be on the agenda in Congress THIS week? Well, before the Republican Governor of Arizona passed a law making it illegal to violate existing Federal laws, they were planning to introduce Climate Control (Cap and Trade) legislation on Monday. SUPPOSED to introduce a bill that amounts to a government takeover of the energy sector, and something happens that whips up a public outcry about the need to further regulate the offshore drilling industry....hmmmm. I can't help but wonder if a saboteur might not have gotten the word that the Congressional priority had shifted and a marine oil disaster should be postponed a few weeks at least.

Think anyone will investigate all the personnel that were on that rig for any ties to Iron Rail? This WAS after all just south of Louisiana. Lot of 'all bidness' (yeah, I'm originally from Texas) takes place all around Lake Ponchartrain. I somehow doubt it. There's been alot of questions about why there was no blowout preventer, there was, but they were in the last stages of setting the well, and had a tool 'downhole' to shore up the casing just below the sea floor. I heard a humorous explanation of a blowout preventer on one news program tonight about it being a series of valves that... I also remember the LAST big Gulf Oil Spill from a Mexican rig that had the blowout preventer installed upside down. The explanation of what a blowout preventer on the news in Houston was: two steel wedges with explosive charges behind them, designed to pinch the pipe closed in the event of a disaster. This works fine, UNLESS you have a hardened steel tool downhole keeping the pipe from being pinched shut. (Just another coincidence that this happened when there was a tool downhole to shore up the casing)

Do I have any evidence of sabotage? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Will any be found if no one looks for it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Do I have the resources to do such a search? ABSOLUTELY NOT! BUT I have this blog, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, I can motivate someone who IS in a place to do some investigating to check into the backgrounds and banking records of those (survivors and victims) of the explosion, fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon.

Something smells fishy in the State of Denmark! (Or is that D.C.)

Backing up and re-reading this, I feel the need to.... hypothesize a bit. I read an excellent post on by Vlad that this was most likely a tragic accident citing the cost of the rig, and the price to lease it by BP. This is all too true! Also true is the statement in the same post that the companies try to hire the best and most reliable people to operate offshore rigs due to the nature of the risky work. But suppose someone on the regular crew were ....'mugged' and they had to find a replacement, and some individual came HIGHLY recommended? Suppose that during a crucial operation this highly recommended individual were to set off the blowout preventer while a hardened steel tool was obstruction the pipe, and then set off and explosive charge to torch the platform and cover his track, possibly killing himself doing it? Once again, I have no evidence, but a deep gut suspicion, and a distrust of 'coincidence'. This is but one possible scenario that could explain the tragedy. Another is that a highly trained crew got complacent at a crucial operation, totally stopped paying attention to their gauges and readings or misinterpreted them, and allowed the well to get away from them. Are they the best of the best, or not? I think there is adequate reason to scoff at both scenarios to warrent more investigation than will probably take place. I expect that the level of investigation of the personnel on the rig will be about as in depth as the investigation of the thugs that were intimidating voters with baseball bats outside a Philly polling place was.

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