Friday, April 16, 2010

First Stage- Redress of grievances

The idea of Democracy as a functional form of Government has inevitable failed. The greatest example of this was early Poland, where nothing could be done unless all agreed. the nobility of the east was reluctant to commit blood and treasure to defend the west when invaders from wester Europe threatened, and likewise the western nobles were slow to accede to war if the Russians were advancing on the east. Some early attempts in Greece were no better, because there were so many things that people needed to vote on, that either they were faced with time for nothing but voting, or nothing got done. Then there came the idea that the People would elect representatives who would be available full time to vote on the issues, thus freeing their constituencies the freedom to deal with more productive activities. This Grand Experiment was guaranteed by several built in Amendments.
FIRST - People were free to assemble and discuss the issues and try to determine what would be the best couse of action.
TENTH- That the bulk of sovereignty would reside with the individual States, and the individual citizen because the State was closer to the interests of the citizen than anyone in the Nations capitol.
SECOND- If the Government ceased to govern with the consent of those governed, the People would retain the means to overthrow the government by any means at their disposal, including violence (more on this later).
To go back to the overview of the system, First we have the right to elect those who will govern us in the manner in which we have chosen to be led. Second, we have the right to gather together and discuss whether they have been faithful in their representation of us. Third, if the system breaks down, we have the right to tear it down, and either rebuild it or start over.

The current 'Tea Party Movement' is a Prime example of citizens gathering together to demand redress of grievances. What we have seen in response is an unprecedented outpouring of political disrespect, media misrepresentation, and outright lies in an effort to marginalize and denigrate a legitimate grassroots movement of WE THE PEOPLE.

The healthcare 'reform', and the upcoming Cap and Tax, and now the discussed Value Added Tax, are all examples of the total lack of concern for the 'consent of the governed'. The overwhelming preponderance of evidence points to the People wishing a reduction in government size and spending, but Washington seems bent on bankrupting us as quickly as possible. If the elected representatives fail to respond to the will of the people, what is the next step?

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